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Yuvraj Gaikwad is the personality which may also change your personality with their work experience and the motivation for success.

Hello, I am Yuvraj Gaikwad. As a profession I have been working for many years as a motivational speaker. My focus of life is just relocating every possible mind in the success path with refreshment of experience words. I thought everyone is having their personal different skills but you have to make it like it will be your passion and I alway try to help you by finding out yourself from you. I just started myself doing a lecture and I recieve the best results which are the best motivational thing of mine. I do motivate myself while doing the same for others.

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Public Speaking Course

4 hours, 1 day, 2 days workshop available.

  • How to remove stage fear?
  • How to do anchoring?
  • Role of voice modulation?
  • Importance of attire.


4 hours , 1 day workshop available

  • What is parenting?
  • Types of parents?What is your type?
  • How to become influential parent?
  • How to make child listen to you?

Leadership Development Program

4 hours, 1 day workshop available

  • What are habits to become successful leader
  • How to achieve leaders mindset?
  • How to achieve your goal?
  • How to increase profit consistently?

Sales and Marketing Skills

4 hours , 1 day workshop available.

  • What are types of sales?
  • SPIN and SPANCO selling.
  • Types of marketing.
  • How to study the product?

Mind & Memory power

4 hours , 1 day workshop available.

  • Reflecting teams mind and work.
  • What is the real power of mind and memory
  • Are mind and memory power same or different
  • Know how?

Smart Champ course

10 weeks.

  • Today's young generation future of tomorrow.
  • Techniques to become smart champ
  • How to score more during exams
  • Do they really work?

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  • 50 Total Awards
  • 12,000 Motivated clients
  • 180 Workshops
  • 1 written books

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